By 2020 there will be 50 Billion devices connected to the Internet, 85% of them vulnerable to hack attacks.

DuChain is the lightning fast blockchain designed to secure the IOT devices from brute force attacks. DuChain also anonymizes the users to protect their identity.


The DC Consensus Engine Works In The Background Earning Commissions From Blockchain Transactions.

Each DC Time smartwatch is a Node that earns tokens for validating blockchain transaction. So while time runs on your wrist, your wallet fills up with moola.


Each DC Time comes with a CAT (Cryptographic Address of Things) address, which is an AES 128 bit encryption public key.

Even the most powerful super computer will take trillions of years to crack a 128-bit AES key. So it is that secure.


Loaded with all the high end smart watch features.
Full IoS, Android compatibility, scratch proof sapphire glass, multi-touch HD screen, health functions, heart rate, pedometer, GPS, custom watch faces, etc..


2 factor authentications are a hassle requiring user type 6-8 digit OTP. DC OneTouch Authenticator requires no typing.

Just a single click and the user is verified and authentication recorded in the blockchain ledger.